Datong County, Jiangxi Province to carry out the firm faith, faith, confidence, a series of activiti

in order to further enhance the Party cadres ideals and beliefs and sense of purpose, stimulate the political enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation of Party members and cadres of entrepreneurship, provide a strong political guarantee for the Datong Castle township "four development". Castle Peak township to carry out a firm belief, faith, confidence as the theme of clean government education series.

is a party training courses. invited Datong County school, County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county propaganda department, County Organization Department, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and other departments of the leaders and experts around the twelve provincial Party Congress spirit, "constitution", the new rural construction, animal husbandry, law, rural practical technology for content in the teaching, at the same time to relive the party oath. And organize the majority of Party members to watch the agriculture related animal husbandry duty crime warning record, warning education.

two is the production of clean government propaganda slogans, cultural wall, carry out anti-corruption quiz and other activities. in order to further strengthen the Green township cadres anti-corruption education, and promote the construction of anti-corruption system for punishing and preventing corruption, focusing on in-depth development, Party members and cadres to guide a profound understanding of the ruling law of the Communist Party, the laws of socialist construction and the development of human society, firmly establish the socialist faith China characteristics, Castle Township in the village, along the line city green highway township authorities made clean government propaganda slogans 8, but also the organization of Party members and cadres in the Ordinance discipline welcome eighteen knowledge quiz activities.

three is to visit the patriotism education base, to carry out the advanced learning to Zhang Lili, the first moral model deeds preach, carry out positive publicity and typical deeds education. in order to further strengthen the patriotic education of Party members and cadres to carry forward the revolutionary tradition, learning the revolutionary spirit, determined to serve the people of faith, faith, confidence, and promote the construction of socialist core value system. Township party organization township authorities Party cadres, youth volunteers visited the patriotism education demonstration base to carry out Atomic City, Zhang Lili participated in the first study, advanced moral model deeds propaganda activities, through these activities, Castle Township Party members and cadres, youth volunteers have said, we must inherit and carry forward the older generation of revolutionaries for the career of the party the unity of patriotism, the revolutionary spirit of arduous struggle, in order to build a "Castle Township home village, rich beauty, folk music, and the" new rural areas to contribute their strength.

four is to carry out the activities of pced. county and Township People’s Congress for democratic appraisal to carry out democratic appraisal work style of rural economic development and social development service center, service center and township hospital and Chengguan police station and other departments and units. On behalf of the various departments to implement the party’s line and policies, to comply with the Constitution and the law of the situation, service attitude, efficiency and other aspects of the work of the Department conducted a secret assessment.

five is to carry out grassroots clean government. Honest demonstration point;

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