Xining five hundred low-income families shake to the first public rental

The morning of September 29th, Xining City, the first public rental housing Yaohao distribution ceremony, ceremony to witness the allocation Yaohao more than and 200 representatives of the residents and under the supervision of discipline inspection in the media, and other units as well as the scene, full transparent and fair manner.

to participate in the first batch of Xining public rental Yaohao allocation of public rental housing a total of 1064 families, have been three audits, two publicity, in line with the conditions of protection of public rental housing, and publicity without objection family. Waiting for this part of the family Yaohao rental public rental housing a total of 500 sets. Which is located in the North District Ning Zhang Road No. 105 Rueijing Riverside District 300, located in Nanchuan Road No. 109 District 200 sets of blue.

to participate in the first round of the wave number of 38 families, because there is a physical disability or mobility of the lower limb disability, blind people, the priority to shake the entire public rental housing 1, 2 storey housing.

early to get the public rental housing qualifications Xie Yueqin and Song Jiangju happy to compare their houses, I heard that the two district traffic are very convenient, or central heating?" Hey, I went to see, the floor space is big, the house is good, the environment, supporting not say!"

Xie Yueqin told reporters that she was a family of three people, rented in a set of 48 square meters of housing has been for the past four years, the monthly rent to $one thousand.

now her daughter is more than and 20 years old, and parents crowded together, life is very inconvenient. This time, she made nearly 80 square meters of public rental through the wave number, the rent burden to reduce a large!

according to the Xining municipal housing security and Property Management Bureau responsible person, in recent years, Xining city has basically established a low rent housing, affordable housing, public rental housing and state-owned mining shanty towns, shanty towns, forestry shantytowns, reclamation of dilapidated buildings and other types of housing security system. Among them, since 2010 the national guidance "on the additional development of public rental housing" issued, Xining stepped up the construction of public rental housing, has started construction of 27419 units of public rental, effectively solve the problem, the housing difficulties of low-income people in the city of Xining to improve the living conditions of residents. Although the first batch of public rental Yaohao although only 500 sets, can not meet the housing demand, but the real estate sector will be early next year to launch around 1000 units of public rental, staging batches of low-income families resolve housing problems. (author: Xiao Shu)


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