West District of Xining city to cure air pollution

in order to effectively improve the air quality of the area, Xining City West focus, to find out the main source of pollutants, and find a breakthrough in the right remedy, air pollution control.

to solve the problem of road dust pollution, make adjustments to the west area of each section of road cleaning work to do cleaning work, building homes and businesses along the street in front of three system, and adjust the sprinkler watering frequency, strengthen watering on the pavement in order to reduce dust, road dust pollution; on the bare surface pollution problems, with the help of four level network the platform on the area of bare surface, land information statistics, and the bare ground with green conditions of the full implementation of green coverage, on the bare ground does not have the conditions to take green paving the way coverage before the end of the full realization of the hard pavement. On the construction site pollution problem, the west area for investigation and register in the area 23 construction site, also issued a notice, do the "five 100%" in strict accordance with the requirements, inspection of the implementation, the problems of the construction site issued a rectification notice, on-site supervision and rectification. Next, the West District Office of the atmosphere will increase inspection efforts, more comprehensive understanding of the situation, a plan of action, the responsibility and task allocation to implement the various specific departments and units, the strong measures to implement each specific link, strengthen the supervision and punishment, great efforts to control dust pollution. To improve the atmospheric environment, improve air quality, create a beautiful ecological environment for the West area. (author: 1)


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