Qinghai’s first private enterprises in Luqiao construction industry door opened to the capital marke

9 5 day at 9:30, the Shanghai stock exchange in the sound of a gong, opened the first province of Luqiao construction industry of private enterprises — Luqiao construction Limited by Share Ltd A shares was landed in the capital market door. This is the eleventh listed companies in Qinghai, Qinghai is also an important step in the enterprise after another 5 years leveraging capital operation, boost rapid development.

as my province construction qualification of the whole, the highest level of qualification of construction enterprises in Luqiao, one in Luqiao has participated in the Lianhuo expressway, Beijing Tibet Expressway and other highways in the territory of Qinghai and a section of a highway, Ning cross road in Batang airport a number of higher grade highway construction, accumulated rich construction experience in high altitude and cold, permafrost, accumulated in the building or built the highway about 1700 kilometers, of which more than 90% ethnic minority areas, the average elevation of 3000 meters above the road accounted for more than 70% projects completed, the passing rate of 100%. With the continuous improvement of the performance of business, even Luqiao began to seek a broader space for development, entered the capital market officially opened the curtain. From 2010 to prepare for the listing of the company for the first time in 2014 to apply for the issue of IPO, and then to the official landing A shares market, making the company become the 9 year since landing in Shanghai Province, the main board of the stock exchange.


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