Xining intermediate people’s court to study and practice activities highlight the characteristics of

days ago, the reporter learned from the Xining City Intermediate People’s Court of the study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development active mobilization meeting was informed that this

times in the event, the hospital has always been to achieve three adhere to further enhance the ability to resolve social conflicts, referee documents and other aspects.

in accordance with the relevant arrangements, the Xining intermediate people’s court in the study and practice activities determined to do three: first, adhere to the study and practice live

dynamic and judicial work overall consideration; two is to highlight the characteristics of the court’s Judicial Services; the three is to adhere to the mass line. On this basis, the hospital strive

to judge the law, in addition to the embodiment of the people and to the matter of equality, but also understand the legislative intent and purpose, comply with the legislative spirit of

, flexible, creative application of the law. Enhance the ability to resolve social conflicts. Let the judges go deep into the masses to understand the society and improve

analysis of the theory and the ability to mediate, prompting the parties to serve. Enhance the ability of making judgment documents. Judges in addition to the full and qualitative

The results of

are analyzed and demonstrated, in particular, the reasons for discretion should be reasonably explained by the standard of an ordinary person. Through judicial documents,

to open a dialogue with the public window, make clear winners, losers that maximize the winning social identity of judgment documents.

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