Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions held a municipal hospital disaster relief workers Forum

5· 12 international nurses day, Xining City Federation of trade unions held a municipal hospital in earthquake relief workers care forum, on behalf of the city workers to extend festive greetings and cordial condolences to the nursing workers to work in the first line of relief to safeguard people’s health selfless Baiyitianshi myhighest respect.

Yushu in the earthquake relief camp in Xining city to save lives, most nursing workers brave, selfless dedication, the interpretation of the "life-saving" occupation belief, the disaster in Yushu, Xining medical rescue team for the injured for 2153 passengers, transport seriously injured 59 people; Xining in the rear, first and second nursing workers the third people’s Hospital, with sincere love take care of every wounded, as of now, the hospital admitted 250 wounded a total disaster, transferred 30 people, 145 were cured and discharged, highly praised by the municipal government and the people in the disaster areas. City health system medical rescue team was awarded the honorary title of workers vanguard.

forum, read a letter of condolence union committee by the female nursing workers; to the earthquake relief workers to total about $22 thousand worth of gifts and brochures for the female image; First People’s Hospital, the second people’s Hospital, the third people’s hospital were sent 5000 yuan condolences kim.


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