This year the Spring Festival cultural activities of the people as the protagonist

with the Spring Festival approaching, the city’s various preparations for the Spring Festival cultural activities have also entered the countdown. It is understood that this year the Spring Festival cultural activities will be close to the people, close to the people, for the masses to participate in the leadership, to meet the different levels of the cultural needs of the people as the goal, set up a prominent public participation and interaction, distinctive cultural activities, to allow people to maximize share the benefits of cultural development at the same time, to fully demonstrate Xining the local cultural charm and pluralistic culture style.

it is understood that this year the Spring Festival cultural activities were set up more than 160 people close to the activities, and according to the demand of the culture of the people at different levels, in accordance with the amateur and professional combination, the combination of city and countryside, and the combination of tradition and Fashion Festival and tourism combination principle, highlight the fun, ornamental and mass participation, both elegant concerts, opera, there are authentic local folk art, both young people love fashion dance, movies, and old people’s participation, such as the folk yangko dance, loved by the people, the masses love singer invited, so that people really become the protagonist of festival culture. At the same time, we set up some open activities to facilitate the people to participate in the activities of folk culture, to strengthen the cultural activities of the people involved and interactive.

During the

Festival, the city will organize a number of sanitation workers, migrant workers, left behind children on behalf of free to participate in some cultural activities. Free of charge to the disabled 10 thousand movie tickets, and launched a team to participate in love, so that these vulnerable groups in society can also be integrated into the festive atmosphere during the festive season. Organize the staff to play a deep line, to fight during the holiday season in the work of people who offer a rich cultural feast. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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