Xining Tiger Street office to organize cultural and recreational activities for the disabled

in order to further enrich cultural and recreational life of disabled people, enhance the ability of their equal participation in social life, let more people out of the family, into the community, recently, Xining tiger Taiwan Street office in Tainan CDPF Tiger Park held a cool site of cultural entertainment.

the theme of this cultural event is bright, rich in content, diverse forms, lively scene. Street five communities within the jurisdiction of nearly 70 people participated in the activities. The staff for the area of different types of disabilities disabled tailored to guess riddles, rings, table tennis and other 7 sports. The activities we spirits high, their talents in athletic civilization, care for people with disabilities, sharing a harmonious atmosphere is the exchange of feelings, but also enrich the amateur cultural life. Incomplete beauty shock bloom, get friends and family members within the jurisdiction of the high praise, but also attracted many people stop to watch. (author: Tian Shun)


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