Ruichang carefully designed business service model + special meal

The secret of

business, in order to help entrepreneurs to improve the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial dreams, Ruichang carefully designed "business service model, have dinner + special policies to support entrepreneurship easier!

Secret two: in addition to the issuance of SIYB entrepreneurship training materials for students, but also for their plus "dim sum" entrepreneurial skills 40 strokes. These 40 strokes involve a wide range, including business, catering, service, maintenance, planting, aquaculture, etc.. Most of these occupation better market prospects, less investment, low risk, the effect is faster, more suitable for business for the first journey of the people. In addition, the manual is also included in the national re employment support policies. Through theory teaching, case analysis, on-the-spot investigation, help the trainees through entrepreneurship "pulse".

Secret three: willing to spend capital. First, from the field to hire well-known entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship trainers in terms of entrepreneurship courses, a high starting point to open the eyes of the students, in a short time to get more knowledge. The two is for students entrepreneurship small loans discount interest free financial support is the feast in ginseng soup. A wealth of nutrition for the training of students to start a business success strong bone health to increase stamina.

three secret guarantee is people’s entrepreneurial quality, reducing the entrepreneurial threshold, such a good opportunity, stimulate the more people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, with policy support, entrepreneurial success probability is high!


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