Send send double 11 logistics peak coming

November 11th, click the mouse, buy, order, payment, and then wait for the courier across the country come…… 16, the domestic first-tier cities have major courier warehouse explosion, the provincial capital is also busy to express burst? 16, 2009, the reporter went to tact, rhyme express Xining dial center, field visits, double the scene after the 11, the 17.

in the sorting process, need more than 50 employees in the operation, the largest express station staff to pick out, time accurate sorting conveyor belt on both sides. Each site express the corresponding area, express a large number of stacking, such as central square, express more 54 Street area express two meters high, distribution shop responsible person said, the 16 day only one day, it received a total of 50 thousand shipments, sorting.

"at 6 every morning to go to pick up, 21 PM to deliver the goods, but also express a single home finishing 22, after work began to eat dinner." Because busy, noon can not feel hungry, until the courier sent, just get something to eat.

"double 11" Cuishu express industry

"the first" double 11 "is a great difficulty, but has now become our development opportunity." Tact courier company in Xining, said Zhang Jinming, tact express in the calendar year, double 11 from chaos to order, and now is to expand the development of.

"difficulty in turn and operation of these two aspects, we in order to improve the sorting speed, in the past;

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