Chengbei District primary school students will start the pilot group

In order to promote the idea of innovative education, fair education, improve the quality of education, this year, the north area of Xining city will implement the "plan" action of preschool education in Chengbei District three, building twenty shop center kindergarten and kindergarten Baoziwan area, expand the coverage of high quality kindergarten.

addition, Chengbei district will also carry out the primary school group pilot school, the implementation of regional education community, set up green primary school, primary school, built in three of the three primary school, School Union, built Jian Qing primary school electronic library, create a network open class, to build two urban campus culture characteristics of the school, the two suburban campus culture boutique schools, rural schools, the entire school education Star 3 to 4 model schools, and effectively improve the level of running. (author: Peng Na)


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