Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau to take the focus on improving efficiency, build a plat

to further improve the level of service enterprise development, and effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise annual inspection work. Since March, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to take the focus on efficiency, build a platform to re service, the work of the initiative to carry out a solid annual inspection of enterprises in 2011.
specific work: one is to grasp two key points to improve. On the one hand, pre audit and Book review. Focus on whether the expiration of the operating period, the annual inspection data are available. On the annual inspection report, business license copy, operating income, financial statements and other information is not uniform, the review of a one-time need to complete the information to inform the enterprise. Involved in the project management pre license, a valid license issued by the relevant to inform the Department in charge of industry, the review focused on the pre license, approval documents have been revoked, revoked or expiry of the review before the book through the real and effective inspection. On the other hand highlight the focus on industry review. The enterprise staff of key enterprises in key industries of microfinance, Guarantee Corporation, food and drug sales and sensitive areas, strict management and check that the registration agreement, pre license, documents of approval is valid or by the competent authorities of inspection, and there are no illegal acts, and shall be gone through inspection procedures. Two is to build a platform to enhance service two. The first is to build online inspection service platform. Give full play to the advantages of online annual inspection, specialized ability to transfer business, computer technology, good staff for the enterprise to provide online annual guidance services. To provide enterprise online inspection data, the review focused on the content of registration matters, pre-approval, change etc, ask the staff to complete the online examination within three working days, to ensure that enterprises can timely pre query through the network platform, to understand the lack of material, it is necessary to change the project and should correct matters, so that enterprises in time the correction, improve the inspection efficiency. Followed by the establishment of mobile inspection service platform. The group enterprise, the chain business enterprise sends out the appointment notice in advance, informs the enterprise centralized inspection time and the material which needs to submit, enhances the service enterprise the potency. According to the needs of the enterprise, can make an appointment by telephone inspection, the Council and the counties (sub Bureau) according to the enterprise telephone booking and work arrangements, on the premise of efficient and convenient, planned, targeted for some enterprises to provide centralized inspection service area.


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