Reform the mode of personnel training in Colleges and universities in our province 6 New Undergradua

In order to adapt to the province’s economic development and industrial structure optimization and upgrading, the province’s three ordinary colleges and universities to add more than 6 undergraduate majors, to promote professional settings and industry demand docking, reform personnel training model.I take

"stop limit down by other means of enrollment, scientifically and rationally determine the professional enrollment scale, promote the optimization of specialty structure. This year, Qinghai University, new energy materials and devices; Qinghai Normal University two new professional hotel management and Electronic Science and technology; Qinghai National University of new economic and financial, material physics and science of public security three professional.

in the new professional, hotel management professional attention. This year, Qinghai Normal University, The Academy economic management professional management to achieve the first enrollment. According to the relevant staff, the establishment of this specialty is to adapt to the current development of the province’s tourism environment, with the warming of the tourism industry as well as the province’s policy support for the tourism industry, hotel management personnel scarce. Combined with the requirements of the reform and transformation of the University, the hotel management professional will strengthen training, training a number of senior management personnel in the service sector.

by specialty adjustment, 2015 science and engineering undergraduate enrollment plan total enrollment plan ratio reached 53.21%, this year the graduates of 5342 people, accounting for 35.83% of the total number of graduates, the employment of 5054 people, the initial employment rate of 94.61%.  

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