Five years to achieve the goal of tourism in Xining tourism revenue reached $38 billion

Reporters from the city’s tourism development conference was informed that, according to the "opinions" of Xining Municipal People’s Government on promoting the reform and development of the tourism industry of the general requirements, by 2020, the city will realize the tourism comprehensive income and the number of "tourism doubling" target, the city’s domestic and foreign tourists reached 28 million passengers, tourism revenue reached 38 billion yuan, an average annual an increase of 13% and 20%, the number of inbound tourists reached 130 thousand passengers, tourism added value accounted for the proportion of the city’s GDP reached more than 5%. The city has more than 5 tourism distribution centers, more than 15 tourist information center. The characteristics of the city’s tourist business blocks up to 7, the characteristics of A-level scenic area of up to 30, up to 100 star hotels, self driving camp of 15.

in the goal of development, to create an international tourist city Silk Road Economic Belt. Deep excavation of the ancient Silk Road Tangfangudao and other historical and cultural connotation, making Xining Silk Road Economic Belt on a unique city style, natural ecology, history and culture, folk culture, cool summer, the fine service characteristics of international tourism city. Two to build regional tourism center in Western china. Fully rely on the railway, highway, aviation hub based on Xining channel, East and West, linking the north and south, actively adapt to the rapid development of self driving tour and other new formats, enhance the city agglomeration degree, through the traffic distribution of the tourism distribution, effectively play the important Chinese western hub role of distribution, and strive to build regional tourism distribution center Chinese west. Three to build the Qinghai Tibet Plateau special tourism service base. Relying on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau magnificent natural scenery, mysterious religious history and culture, unique folk customs, give full play to the Xining Tibetan Plateau as regional central city of modernization and advantage of the relatively low altitude, complete service elements, improve infrastructure and tourism public service system, build perfect facilities, complete elements, quality of service industry overall, comfortable and beautiful environment of the Qinghai Tibet plateau tourism service base.  

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