The primary political task of the present and future

days ago, provincial Party committee issued the "opinions" on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the spirit of the delegation of Qinghai important speech, this is a major event in the political life of our province. The current and future periods, the primary political task in our province is to learn good publicity is good, to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the delegation of Qinghai important speech, with a strong sense of political responsibility, enterprising spirit and a good work style, the rapid rise of the upsurge of studying and implementing.

March 10th, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation, fully affirmed in recent years, Qinghai’s achievements, further established the direction of the development of Qinghai, highlighting the work point of Qinghai. Speak profound ideas, rich, focused, full of people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai profound sentiments of friendship and expectations, targeted and strong guidance, Qinghai is a good start, "13th Five-Year" in building a moderately prosperous society is the guide to action, Qinghai to build a more harmonious and beautiful at all follow.

study and implement the spirit of the important speech, we must comprehensively and accurately grasp the rich connotation and spiritual essence of the speech. Is to devote themselves to learning, to seriously study the important speech, learning every single word or phrase important speech, earnestly and accurately grasp the important speech, profoundly understand and grasp the "promotion of ecological environmental protection, poverty alleviation, and promoting the promotion of ethnic minority areas development" core and major requirements, deeply understand and grasp the innovation, coordination, green open and sharing of the development concept, to study and implement the spirit of the speech and thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech combined with the implementation of the party since the eighteen General Secretary Xi Jinping of Qinghai work instructions together, combined with the current are doing things, adhere to the correct direction of development, actively implement the new concept of development and to the spirit of the important speech as a pointer, unswervingly China in socialism Qinghai adhere to expand, the "13th Five-Year" period of economic and social development of Qinghai "131" General requirements are implemented.

The spirit of

study and implement the important speech, we must take measures to cover all. We should study and implement the construction of education and training, leadership cadres and the spirit of the speech and the base construction work together, make systematic learning plans and careful protection measures, co-ordination arrangements, solid progress. The party members and cadres to focus on, adhere to focus on learning and individual learning, special counseling and discussion combined, and strive to learn deep penetration, so that the first learn deep, leading to dry, consciously as the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech advocates, practitioners and promoters. To make full use of newspapers, radio, television, network publicity, promote the spirit of the speech into the organs, enterprises, into the countryside, into the community, into schools, into the barracks, make learning to cover all social groups, and the majority of Party members and cadres and people of all nationalities thinking and action into the important speech spirit, achieve mastery and to guide practice and promote the work.


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