Xining customs will take the initiative to serve as an open economy this year

vice governor Wang Lingjun in the January 25th meeting of the Xining customs in 2011 work meeting the requirements of all customs, the customs should play an important role in the national macroeconomic regulation and control, the concept of service innovation, adapt to the situation, put the focus of work in promoting the "four development", to provide strong support and service for the open the economic development of Qinghai.

in the past 2010, the Xining customs around to further optimize the supervision and service work of the core, deepen the comprehensive tax comprehensively, actively construct the supervision system, to effectively promote the construction business, the deepening of reform. In the country, service economy has made new achievements. 2011, is the beginning of the year plan in 12th Five-Year, but also the beginning of the new year Xining Customs on a new journey. The customs will focus on "push reform, re regulation, taxation, insurance, private crackdown seeking cooperation and deep research, promoting transformation", in the full completion of the various tasks at the same time, and strive to team building, construction, infrastructure construction to a new level, the development of service economy and promote new fruits again. Create a new situation in Xining, the customs service checks.

this year, Xining customs will be in depth understanding of the situation, a comprehensive grasp of the economic and social development of Qinghai context, identify the customs support and service focus on targeted, active as. First, continue to pay attention to the construction of the airport economic development zone, Cao Cao and Qinghai industrial park projects in different places, focusing on policy advice, information services, development proposals, external coordination and other work. Two is around the new energy, new materials, salt chemical industry, such as Qinghai’s top ten characteristics of the industry, to strengthen the investigation and research, targeted to provide personalized services to support the adjustment of industrial structure in Qinghai. Three is to establish an excellent environment for customs clearance, the implementation of national preferential policies to protect the export of Qinghai’s specialty products and key technology equipment, the import of important raw materials to support the further expansion of the scale of foreign trade. The four is in the process of opening up of Qinghai East West deepen and expand the customs, with the resources, to provide convenient conditions, the auxiliary clearance service at the same time, continue to do the work of the "Qinghai international carpet exhibition, international exhibition, to promote Qinghai to expand all-round open. The five is to always maintain a high degree of political responsibility and acumen, strict barrier to entry and exit, play a positive role in maintaining political stability and social customs in the normal order of foreign trade.


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