Western pharmacy pilot project through acceptance

in early January, the State Food and Drug Administration of Western pharmacy pilot project inspection team of the province’s 610 Western pilot retail pharmacies electronic supervision work carried out on-site assessment. Acceptance work to listen to reports, field visits, questionnaires and other ways to carry out. Western pharmacy pilot projects in the province successfully passed the State Food and drug administration. This is the next step in our province to carry out electronic drug supervision work has provided valuable experience in retail enterprises, the electronic supervision system extends to the retail pharmacies, finally realizes the electronic supervision of production and circulation, the whole process of the use of drugs is an important step.

national inspection team has carried out inspections on the work of the pilot projects of Xining city and the city’s retail chain pharmacies, single drug stores, large supermarket. The inspection group issued, in view of the pilot enterprise equipment and personnel training, electronic supervision code verification, data upload check, listen to the relevant work report, fully affirmed the Qinghai province food and drug administration work, pointed out that our province related pilot data integrity, effective measures, pilot enterprises of electronic supervision code nuclear note cancel after verification timely, data upload rate is high, effectively ensure the smooth implementation of our province retail enterprises of electronic drug supervision work. At the same time, the inspection team on the province of the next step in the work of drug electronic supervision made a very good proposal.


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