Female college graduates 6 years since the start of the teahouse

is now a very large number of college graduates every year, most of them are only for a stable job, and will not choose a greater risk, more difficult venture. In this paper the protagonist is not the case, although is a 80 female students, but in 6 years after graduation entrepreneurship opened the teahouse, and also won the high recognition.

"come and have a look at it. It’s not easy for a foreign girl to open a teahouse in Jiaozhou." The morning of August 14th, the public Meng spoke to reporters this, then the reporter learned from Henan, a female university student in Luoyang Xiaozhuang six years after graduation in Jiaozhou through their own hard work, started a house belonging to his own house, as in the past and inheritance with Chinese tea culture in the foreign enterprises do for her, a chance to tea soon, she resolutely resigned from the well paid job, began their hard struggle on the road in the teahouse.

8 on the morning of 14 reporters came to a garden on the west side of Jiaozhou City Hardware Investment Office teahouse "waiter", just a door, the reporter smelled the fresh taste of tea. To understand this "waiter" teahouse owner surnamed Zhuang through dialogue reporters, reporters learned that callyourself Zhuang boss, Xiao Zhuang is very shy, and let the reporters call themselves as Xiaozhuang can. In fact, nothing really, there are a lot more than I am a college student, their deeds much better than me." Xiaozhuang told reporters with a smile.

Reporters learned through chat,

, Henan Xiaozhuang Luoyang, is a 80, graduated from Qingdao University of Science & Technology six years ago, Qingdao was still in college because she loves Qingdao this beautiful coastal city and decided to stay here after graduation. A chance to have tea with my friends in the process, she saw the fun of tea, but also understand the cultural spirit of tea.

it is the first time she felt that her spirit of tea ceremony, from the initiation of the idea to open his own teahouse, know that it is difficult for a college student who had not graduated. In an interview with the reporter saw Xiao Zhuang, Xiaozhuang personally tea for the guests enjoy the scene, skills, mellow tea for customers praise.

in order to better understand the charm of tea culture, whether it is summer or winter vacation Xiaozhuang came to the teahouse to work, after graduation in the foreign enterprises with high paying salary she gave up the job, began his 5 year tea sales. This five years let Xiaozhuang has accumulated valuable experience, because of hard work, Qingdao teahouse boss appreciated that Hamlet, a foreign girl could be so willing to endure hardship, and so hard to engage in a outsider is not the "future" work is very admirable, so let yourself in for Xiaozhuang Jiaozhou tea sales.

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