Xiamen finalists China Tourism City digital assets list ten

tourism industry plays an important role in the process of economic development, and it has a certain role in promoting economic development in many places. This time, the development of tourism in Xiamen, has been unanimously recognized. At the same time, Xiamen finalists China Tourism City digital assets list ten.

reporter yesterday learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, "ended in Beijing 2016 China Digital Tourism — tourism destination and the national image forum before the forum site issued a" tourist destination and the national image list "," Xiamen city tourism Chinese shortlisted digital asset list of the top ten, ranked seventh. Gulangyu Islet scenic finalists, China’s tourist attractions digital assets list ten.

It is reported that

, 2016 digital China Tourism — tourism destination and the national image forum "by the Tsinghua University National Image Communication Research Center sponsored by the authority, selected China digital asset list, Chinese city tourism scenic spots digital asset list six list. Tourism city digital asset list released, the main city of tourism and national 5A scenic spot, 4A digital asset ranking, data covering the network connection activity, information storage, word-of-mouth recommendation quantity of three important indicators.

as a national model city of information consumption and the first batch of national wisdom tourism pilot cities, the pace of construction of Xiamen wisdom tourism continues to accelerate. City Tourism Bureau said that through the sharing of relevant government involved in tourism data, and the use of the Internet big data technology, the city built the country’s first big data platform for the tourism industry elements".

it is understood that the city to build the Xiamen tourism App was praised by the public and tourists, Xiamen Tourism Bureau official micro-blog as of now the amount of fans has reached 1 million 850 thousand people.

in the process of economic development, combined with local characteristics, effective play to the characteristics of tourism and cultural industries, can effectively promote local economic development, and enhance the people’s cultural level, it is very meaningful things. In the future, look forward to more and more places to play their own unique advantages, and promote local economic development.

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