Why office workers susceptible to cervical spondylosis in summer

is now in the summer, hot summer weather, a lot of office workers found themselves for cervical spondylosis, summer is indeed a high incidence of cervical spondylosis. The young, urban white-collar general cervical degenerative deformation is not serious, the change of temperature, humidity and other environment, little effect on the cervical spine, while the main trigger factor from the seasonal influence on their life habits. So what causes cervical spondylosis?

experts: has a lot of cervical spondylosis and cold. In the office of summer air temperature is generally very low, especially the seat on air conditioning, or wear suspenders of women, neck muscles are easy to catch cold, induced by cervical spondylosis. Experts suggest that the air-conditioned office, the best wear the coat on the outside, so as not to catch cold and cause or aggravate cervical spondylosis. Female white-collar workers can also wear soft silk, so as to protect the cervical spine, and not to lose etiquette.

summer break easily sleepy, bad injuries to the cervical spine

summer, people are very tired, want to nap at noon, but we often see some commuters hanging head in the seat and fell asleep, not knowing this bed for cervical spine injury is very large. Experts remind everyone, lunch or sleeping in the car: first, do not advocate forward Pazhe sleeping, can take back lying position to take a rest; second, must find the cervical supporting points, such as the neck pad a wrapping clothes or belt type U neck pillow etc..

summer sleep, the human body due to the local temperature is too high, turn number increase, many of my friends get up in the morning and found himself sleeping in the bed to the other side of the. Turn over the process of frequent, easily lead to bring a stiff neck, neck pain, so we should try to keep the indoor temperature is not too hot, in addition to adding a set of pillow mat is also very useful.

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