Mother and child to choose what kind of mode

mother and child to open the store, there are many ways to operate. If you want to have more business advantages, can according to their own situation to do the analysis, look at their choice alone or join a better mode. A lot of new business model has some doubts. Do not know how to choose, Xiao Bian to provide some analysis, I hope you can easily open the consumer market.

You have a

advantage: if the maternal stores location, mother shop decoration, maternal stores display, maternal stores operating such as you understand, can also find their own maternal and child supplies enough and appropriate purchase channels in high quality and inexpensive products, so you can open their own, in this case, just no brand support, but open a shop should be no problem. If you later want to scale, standardization management, or the need for maternal stores to join the brand to join a support, flexible operating style.


if you mother industry what all don’t understand, or understand a little but not very understand, in this situation, it is better to choose.

1 advantages: join a good baby brand stores to help eliminate the strangeness of consumers new baby stores, and rampant in this era of the brand, brand strength is small, a well-known high maternal and child supplies stores brand is very easy to get the support of the people.

2 choose maternal stores, entrepreneurs need to bear the risk must be much lower, after all, to join the brand entrepreneurs do not have to worry about their own products are not welcome, because since it is a brand, already has a large number of supporters, and the brand can also provide goods exchange service, greatly reducing the risk of stocks.

3 to join the maternal and child shop in the decoration, commodity display, promotion, regional protection and other aspects will have a lot of protection. For example, now a lot of entrepreneurs to join the living museum the maternal kiss angel to join the brand, can not only have unified the baby store decoration effect, to be the headquarters guidance in maternal stores merchandising skills, improving the level of influence and create a good atmosphere of the store, but also get the brand headquarters to give targeted promotional assistance, occupying a smooth market, enjoy a wealth.

disadvantages: 1, maternal stores to join the market brands that do not group, to join the brand is many dragons and fishes jumbled together, holding money mentality, in charge of the high fee on the franchise indifferent, this requires you to open the eyes of many recommended

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