Excellent exhibition hall design skills


exhibition industry is very popular in modern society, especially in some places to merchants, is often held by some meaningful exhibition activities to be completed, at the same time to participate in some exhibition activities, will also get some opportunities.

how to highlight to achieve good visual effect in many booths, the key is to look at the design of personalized design is no different from other booth. While personalized design should be combined with the nature of the enterprise, the product function, the direction of development, through all external visual symbols to convey the concept of management and information of the enterprise, rather than blindly pursue specific effects. Here, the corporate logo for us to seek the design of the hall provides a wealth of design elements and design basis. Because, to a large extent, corporate logo is a symbol of the enterprise, is the embodiment of the enterprise brand. The corporate logo consists of standard drawing, standard color, standard font is composed of three parts, no matter which part of the design must be in the nature of the enterprise, product function, business philosophy, corporate creed as design basis and positive to embody. Only it can fully express the basic spirit of enterprise identification and its difference, so that the audience can recognize and understand. Therefore, the enterprise logo in the booth design reasonable,   standardized use, will be able to reflect the characteristics of the enterprise, but also to obtain distinctive features of the exhibition hall design.



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