Jiangsu Graduate School of outstanding students creating exemption

to help the majority of college students to carry out entrepreneurship, the education sector launched a number of welfare policies. Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education said, for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship outstanding exemption graduate.

for all students of entrepreneurship education curriculum innovation. Set up relevant professional basic course of innovation and entrepreneurship education development, the construction of compulsory elective, theory and practice, out of class, the line, the combination of school, entrepreneurship education curriculum innovation system integration and professional training.

the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum resources, build innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum resources sharing platform, the implementation of online open courses and cross certification, credit system identification learning. By 2020, the province set up 10 "team + teaching + Mu class" innovation and entrepreneurship education general knowledge sharing courses, professional innovation and entrepreneurship education in the 100 basic demonstration courses. To compile and publish 100 different levels of innovation and entrepreneurship education.

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