Tianjin first mortgage interest rate of 4.16% the lowest average

real estate recovery, many people will have the demand to buy a house. But many people buy a house, they need to purchase the form of mortgage loans. Therefore, the interest rate for the purchase of housing demand is closely related to the people. Here we look at the Tianjin Tianjin first mortgage interest rates are average.

is about to pass in May the country’s first suite average interest rate fell below 5%, reaching a record low of 4.49%. Among them, Tianjin first mortgage interest rate of 4.16% for the lowest average. This is the financial search platform 360 latest mortgage report released.

from the first suite of interest rate concessions, this month in 360 cities in the financial monitoring of the 530 banks, there are 119 banks to provide preferential interest rates of 15% off, an increase of more than last month, of which Tianjin accounted for a total of 10 of the world’s top 13. It is worth mentioning that, in the city the first suite of mortgage interest rates ten lowest, ranked first in Tianjin, was 4.16%, followed by Beijing (4.17%), Foshan (4.17%), Zhuhai (4.18%), Guangzhou (4.21%).

city currently offers 16 mortgage business to provide all the preferential interest rates, including the provision of 18% off of the preferential interest rates, the rate of interest rates to provide the 15% off of the 10, the 10 percent off offer preferential interest rates of 2. In the first suite Shoufu ratio, as of May 20th, the 530 banks have 293 banks will first suite Shoufu ratio to 2, last month increased by 1, accounting for 55.28%.

two suites, this month, the national average rate of two suites was 5.39%, unchanged from last month. The country’s 530 banks, in addition to the bank stopped lending outside the bank, a total of 511 banks to perform the benchmark interest rate of up to 10%, an increase of $6 last month, is currently the absolute mainstream interest rate of the two suite of loans. In addition, the national implementation of the two suites down payment of up to 4 and a total of less than a total of 386 banks, unchanged from last month, accounting for more than 72.83%, of which, the first payment of two suites into the bank has a total of 253, an increase of 8.

Tianjin purchase interest rates so low, not only can effectively promote the purchase of consumer demand, and help solve the problem of real estate inventory, is a very meaningful policy!

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