What is the trick master stall

is also a street vendor, there are people doing business is hot, while others are constantly losing money, so, it also requires us to master the trick, a lot of stalls master the business is hot, naturally has a trick as to rely on. Then the master put stall what tricks?

night market, there are two to sell Wenzhou stock shoes. The same is Wenzhou shoes, many manufacturers are almost the same, there are a lot of products, sell basic price is almost the same, even selling audio, and the two is estimated as like as two peas, brother to go.

in order to share the costs, two shoe stalls, a night market in the East, one in the west is a night market, with a small tricycle hit, while the other one is full of pull a few tons of large trucks in the sale, I ask you, you feel the two shoes which stand home business will be good?

the analogy is a bit extreme, but the truth is there. It is said that no matter what the size of the stalls selling a lot of time is more important than price and style, attracts more attention to people to win over, to do business success.

The more people

around the people behind the more will follow forward, the people around the effect of the best way is to put a stall greatly, many times larger than the others, is not afraid of people, not to buy, with a slogan is: it is hard to avoid making money! Chinese people like to watch the habit, but also a great relationship.

do understand the product price, sell many kinds of pricing methods, such as some love to do high-end brand, in fact, is a lot of FAQ posted a sign, to set the price high, a kill one, the so-called three years is not open, open to eat for three years, that is the reason why. But you really have to say how good the quality is.

has followed the pricing of peers, is to see how their peers are the price set much of the price, this business is not much difference with others, the difference will be reflected in other aspects, such as product quality, professional service, and so on, but not in the price. Some people do not write the price when people ask to ask price, so easy to bid, in order to sell high prices would like to make money people tend to do so.

some low price sale type, the unified price, in addition to some write all price how much money these pricing methods tend to have a relationship with the degree of competition in the market, as the market economy backward place more with the previous methods, such as Hangzhou and the market economy developed areas tend to use low prices back. All the more uniform price sale. As intime, liberation, Hangzhou Tower in such a place, basic is a unified price, most activities of discount.

clearly marked way to stall, can.

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