nvestment in children’s clothing market opportunities unlimited

each family has its own way of showing love, the whole family out to wear more attractive to attract children’s eyes, reflect the characteristics of their families. Investment in children’s clothing market unlimited business opportunities, you want to get rich entrepreneurs can consider this market.

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from the constitution of city population, the general city is now fully equipped with children shop consumption level. It is generally believed that big cities seem to be more suitable for the sale of new concept clothing, and small and medium-sized cities to be much worse. But also said that living in a big city, people’s daily consumption is very high, housing, transportation, catering, communication etc., greatly dispersed people consumption, small and medium-sized city people, little overheads, in the clothing consumption on the high degree of concern, consumer consumption is concentrated, so performance very strong.

2+1 children’s clothing is currently in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and other places in more than and 30 cities to set up a family shop, a wide range of geographical, so there is no strong difference between the north and south. From the investment point of view, 2+1 parent-child positioning mid-range, the amount of products to take the lead, a 20 square meter store invested about 3-4 million yuan, an investment of about $5-7 million square meters store. Although the market conditions and basic requirements of investment, children more suitable for small investment to operate, but I still want to remind investors to charge the Nuggets in the parent-child, had better have certain economic base and determination.

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