Pet store location should pay attention to what factors

for any of the shops, the site is very important to do a good job. However, a suitable site will naturally be associated with more factors. In fact, careful friends will find the pet shop opened a lot of people, but less than a few months after the opening of the shop is closed in a small number, which is why? The first to have a detailed investigation on the local market before opening the pet shop, the correct choice of the location of the shop, so that they can successfully open a pet shop, there are anti in the good quality of service, if the wrong location is unimaginable consequences. The need for the location, decoration, training, purchasing and other matters to open a pet shop, the pet store location is a very important link, how to choose a good place?

investigation of the surrounding environment of the shop; pet shop location is not to say that I think it can be on the line, first of all, the need to conduct a detailed investigation and comparison of the local pet market and business district. From the professional pet store location is concerned, a pet store can successfully attract the surrounding target customers, then the pet store site selection was successful. Because the pet store location with many factors are related, such as the surrounding residential occupancy rate, pet proportion, the per capita consumption ability and consumption consciousness has a great relationship.

do a pet shop; to determine the location of the shop according to the pet store location grade pet store address selection and the main business products and potential customer groups are closely related, different shops have different characteristics and consumer object location, choose not only a huge flow of people and the downtown area.

Determine the

pet store shop area; the pet shop needs the big area according to the need to determine the location of pet shops, pet shops open the larger area of the investment cost is high, so don’t shop in the choice of blind pursuit of the tall, but from the actual needs, choose a suitable shop, if in the high-grade communities around the shop area needed a large open shop, and in the community around the medium is suitable for small pet shop.

Consider the

store itself; not all the shops for a pet shop, the shop itself also needs certain conditions, such as: have good ventilation and lighting conditions, store large hydropower transformation pattern and is convenient, has a simple decoration and so on, also in the shop and the landlord signed the lease contract, to to ensure the stability of the pet shop shop. The season, month, or year pay pay, whether there is a certain period of rent free periods, as well as additional conditions related, in order to save a lot of expenditure. For example, whether the normal heating, water and electricity, whether to store the roof, floor and walls and other basic renovation, add or maintenance utilities.

in short, the right location for the development of a pet shop is very important, but want to make the site to do the right thing, a variety of attention factors naturally need us to pay attention to. So now you >

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