College students should pay attention to what problems

now has a lot of college students are often more blind in the entrepreneurial process, there are also many problems, so in the business when they need to pay attention to many problems, the need to pay attention to what the problem?

1, learn more ask, humbly ask

learning has been the essential quality of successful people. Especially for the lack of social experience of college students entrepreneurial groups, learning can not be put down, and should be multifaceted and effective. I can’t do a lot to ask others to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, and not limited to successful entrepreneurial predecessors, or your target consumers, they are also your business mentor.

2, endurance, not impulsive

3, the courage to take responsibility for the end of

4, to recognize and accept human nature

5, to have a sense of the overall situation, can not just look at the

6, learn from competitors


7, do careful analysis before going to work, ask senior

8, can not be squandered, reasonable financial

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