China’s top ten sofa brands in 2017

in all kinds of furniture, the sofa is a very important component, it is people’s recognition, so that the industry was born a lot of brands. In a word, the sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the living room. Therefore, the choice of a comfortable sofa is also very important, the market a lot of types of sofa, then sofa brand which is good? How to choose a suitable sofa?

in the flood of counterfeit goods today, if you do not have a pair of piercing eye but will eat a lot of losses. So in the purchase of a certain type of merchandise must be on the top ten brands have a certain understanding of the sofa, then in the selection process, you will find one of the mysteries". Following along with me to understand the next 2017 China’s top ten brands of sofa knowledge.

2017 China’s top ten sofa brand NO.1: Chivas sofa

produced in the United Kingdom, mainly functional sofa, novel style, with water, anti fouling performance, in most countries have exhibitors, its considerable sales, sales in Hongkong for the first time in ten years.

2017 China ten sofa brand ranking NO.2: large sofa

was founded in 1988. After years of development, with superior results through the ISO9001, ISO14001, GBT28001-2001 and green furniture certification, etc..

2017 Chinese ten sofa brand rankings: NO.3 Dynasty sofa

in Hongkong with a high degree of visibility, high-end furniture and modern sofa based, fashionable, elegant and generous. Combined with the living habits of consumers, to create a warm living environment. And the market share continues to improve, the products are exported to Yu Hai.

2017 China ten sofa brand rankings: NO.4

Sibutramine sofa

Beijing QuMei’s products, after several years of development, has become the leader in peer, get a good reputation in the market.

2017 China ten sofa brand ranking NO.5: Keith sofa

Yantai Keith’s products, is the largest production base of Jiangbei, was named the first China brand and topped the list, and received a number of honorary titles. Products are exported to overseas areas.

2017 China’s top ten sofa brand NO.6: About sofa

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