Are you really ready to open a hot pot restaurant

are you ready to open a hot pot restaurant? Are you ready for everything? The following three points are very important for you to open a hot pot restaurant, you know?

1, hot pot shop investment high

a lot of people think that the hot pot restaurant features simple, less equipment required, both the kitchen area and save money. So the investment should be much smaller than the Hot pot store food, and also can design more front seat, higher profit efficiency. But you will find the following:

first, you have more than a father – "food and Drug Administration", yes, is to give you the food and beverage service license of the unit. The food and Drug Administration in the lobby of the restaurant and kitchen area ratio have strict rules, and currently does not distinguish between different formats. That is to say, they don’t care what you do or Hot pot cooking, kitchen area accounted for equally requirements. Do you feel like you don’t love anymore?

is more important, Hot pot shop front decoration has a special needs, is the smoke.


restaurant in the kitchen stove only need to smoke, but the front also need to smoke Hot pot shop in function (for fire safety and odor), this is a cost extra. But with the upgrading of consumption, paying more attention to the environment Hot pot shop chose the more beautiful and more costly "smoke", which is from the desktop to the smoke sucked. Once the smoke extraction system, the table can not be moved, which also increased the cost of intangible.

so, the same specifications of hot pot restaurants, investment is significantly higher than the Chinese restaurant.

hot pot

2, production management is very important

for delicious, light taste more picky ingredients. But many people did not expect, although most Hot pot categories are hardcore flavor rich, but delicious ingredients on the impact is equally important and the bottom of the pot. Not to mention the old Beijing Shabu, the delicate flavor of the seafood Hot pot Hot pot.

don’t think Hot pot standardization easily underestimate the difficulty of purchasing and production management, the standardization is relatively easy to Hot pot bottom of the pot, but in raw materials procurement and management standardization and difficulty of Chinese cooking is. And raw materials of this kind of thing, there is no secret, that is a penny of goods.

3, employee recruitment and retention is a problem

Hot pot shop core technology is the preparation of frying and cooking soup pot at the end of this part, often require senior chef personally to complete the formula and technique, not rumor. This leads to two problems

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