How to open a health massage shop

era of entrepreneurship, in order to find a good investment direction, you need to join a lot of business research and analysis of the market. How about opening a health massage shop? How to open it? Many investment businesses do not know this problem. If you want to learn, just look at it.

two, location: find an industry guide. The choice of the store address is basically located in the surrounding people’s quality of life, conducive to the rapid start in the early stages of operation; while the latter is very important for stable operation. According to the amount of personal funds, you can choose to open in the living area or high-end office. Property facilities, management norms is one of the important conditions for the development of the property.

three, the fire approval: before the renovation, the construction drawings must be reported to the local fire department approval, qualified rear can construction. It will take about one week to approve the registration of the business license.

four, decoration: the construction team must be in strict accordance with the construction drawings approved by the fire department, quality and quantity to complete according to the agreed time limit, if the consent of the investor can change. Investors have the obligation to remind the parties to enter the venue for all construction contracts. Among them: the construction contract, the application for approval of urban construction, etc..

five, health permit: first name in the online business hall of industrial and commercial administration or its former permitted company, and then take a notice "," nuclear massage teacher qualification certificate, the completion of the renovation plan until the store area where the health management department for health permit. At the same time in order to apply for this card, the staff of the coordination of physical examination work, different standards around, it is understood that the current national health certificate can not be universal.

six, business license for more information required. It is essential that the health care massage, Senior occupation qualification certificate (first mentioned in item, boss recommended shop to participate in training and obtain a corresponding qualification certificate) verification, the company is located in the fire proof, licenses, health permits, slightly different.

seven, employee record: in the shops belonging to the police station for the employee file backup, this is to do good things.

eight, marketing: a week before the opening, give full play to the investor’s resources, perfect marketing, perfect and reasonable marketing plan is the priority among priorities in the process of management.

nine, the opening ceremony organized a fine recommendation:

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