Bold business rich patent cigar Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan for two years

business, dare dare dare to try, have a chance of success. The hero of this article is a good example. In Shanghai, there is such a clever girl, she runs the rich bold "patent" cigar, two Kuangzhuan about 1000000 yuan, personal wealth has been increasing at an alarming speed.

2004 the year before the Spring Festival, the consent of the employer’s consent, Liu Xuemei nurse fellow in Shanghai invited her to play in the past show. Liu Xuemei came to Mr. Shen Hsiu’s employer, was immediately attracted indoor luxurious decoration. In the afternoon, Mr. Shen went home with several guests. Just sit down, he let out a Xiu a beautifully wrapped box from the storage room: "today I ask you to taste the authentic Cuban cigars."

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