Xinjiang MaryKay issued 1 million 500 thousand venture capital fund

with the advent of women’s entrepreneurial boom, the community has also set up a fund for women to set up venture capital. MaryKay once again launched a female entrepreneurship support program, the investment of 1 million 500 thousand small interest free loans to help women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang.

26, 2015 China Women’s development foundation @ her business plan – MaryKay women’s venture capital Xinjiang ceremony in MaryKay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Urumqi branch. This is the second year of the project venture capital to help women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang, once again invested $1 million 500 thousand small interest free revolving loan to help the 112 independent entrepreneurs.

as recipients of women representatives from Tacheng Emin county "80" the girl Ay Nur said: "the money is too important for me, it is very helpful to me, I will be used to improve the quality of products and the purchase of new machines, and to open up the sale of the products. This loan is not for me to send a person, I will drive around the other women into the ranks of their own businesses to join."

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