Layers of display to attract customers

cigarettes are almost any retail store to enhance the sales of products, an important tool, however, is now selling cigarettes shop is also very much, how to make the store more attractive to consumers? To allow the store to sell higher cigarette products? This is currently a lot of shopkeepers worried about the problem. Here, Xiao Bian introduced a successful business case, with a clear display to enhance customer interest, thereby enhancing product sales.


shop is like a person’s face, good cigarette display can to store business environment to create comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, can make customers feel natural and relaxed, so that customers get convenient, easy to see, can feel comfortable to choose their own love of the cigarette brand. If the display can be distinctive and unique, it can increase the sales opportunities and improve the cigarette sales. Therefore, the cigarette display should pay attention to the visual effect, improve the brand sample rate. Through vivid, vivid display, to establish the image of the store, stimulate customer consumption, cultivate key brands, convenient customer purchase purpose.

In order to pass the

Chen Lielai caused customer interest in cigarette counter, I repeated thinking, and earnestly learn from the retail counterparts display highlights, according to their own actual conditions and types of cigarette shop, I start from the following aspects, and strive to change the past, messy disorderly situation. First of all, I have to adjust the position of the cigarette counter, from the past to adjust to close to the shop near the door and the sun and the sun can not get a prominent place. The wooden cabinet smoke all over the past few gray replaced replaced other commodities, and then re ordered two cigarette counter Aluminum Alloy counter.

secondly, I changed the order of cigarettes from the past random emissions to the price of cigarettes, two types of manufacturers. In accordance with the retail price of cigarettes from high to low or from low to high in order to display, with the grade, the price of cigarettes are grouped together to facilitate consumers according to their preferences to choose different brands of cigarettes. According to the different types of display manufacturers, specifications, different brands of the same manufacturer displayed together in accordance with the type specification, brand display through the factory house, can strengthen brand awareness, which is convenient for the customers at the time of purchase of different specifications of the cigarette brand to enhance awareness and understanding, is conducive to the cultivation of key brands.

in order to attract the attention of customers, I still display the shape of cigarette spent no small mind: selling brand put into straight row type. The various brands of best-selling cigarette neatly lined up, a uniform, smooth and clean impression to customers. Another advantage of this arrangement is that when I sell cigarettes, can take the principle of first in first out, to avoid the front row of cigarettes due to the placement of time is too long or damaged or not fresh. Recommend new flower style. Tobacco companies near the county to promote the introduction of new cigarettes, put the product font, hi shape, Kat shape and other different shapes, so that customers can be a bright door, easy to cause concern.


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