Children’s clothing shop how to do the most profitable recommend 7 marketing skills

children’s wear industry, whether it is shopping malls, or walking street, or near the school district, can see the children’s clothing store. Children’s clothing consumer groups, but the competitive pressure is not small, so we should do regular promotions, improve the visibility of the shop. Children’s clothing store how to make the most money? The following is recommended for each of the 7 marketing skills.

game promotion

held calligraphy, essay contest and beautiful baby contest, parents will be wearing the children’s clothing store mobilization photographs of children to children’s clothing store, photo display bar in the shop, the attached selection project, the purchase of the store’s customers can choose their own love of the beautiful baby. Win the most votes. This will bring a lot of people flow oh.

A lot of


if one or several counter children’s clothing prices, is 99, 79, 19 yuan of the best, to tag, hanging from the ceiling, white black, A2 paper size of about 10 yuan a. Hang tag, customers see the price from the outside at a glance, the price impact, will attract customers.

5 years old children like balloons, balloons must have a simple store name, there is a better hydrogen balloon. To blow up all kinds of balloons filled with all counters, from the outside, colorful, bustling. See the children on the balloon, so that the store has become a favorite place for children.

discount merchandise must be 51% off, 61% off, not 5 or 60 percent off.

store must print name card name card, a box of 10 yuan of money, 100, see the customer on the hair, 0.1 hair will bring the cost several times the sales.

these strokes, you learn it? Children’s clothing market profits are very rich, and children’s wear shop does not need too much expertise, many friends can try. But it is not easy to manage the children’s clothing store, master the above business skills, you can make your business more prosperous shop!


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