A flower shop a couple of flowering fried noodle monthly earnings gratifying

now is a good time to eat more, many restaurants boss wants to launch innovative 60 delicious to attract diners. A couple opened a shop selling 60 60, fried noodles, to great acclaim, business is booming.

A study on


60 small shop since the opening of the first month turnover of up to 120 thousand, less expensive rent after the pedestrian street, recruit staff wages, cost, net income is 80 thousand. According to the shopkeeper recently revealed that second months of turnover has reached more than 150 thousand.

selected for quality 60

60 delicious fried rice noodles, food is very important. So every morning to choose the high quality Zhougudui 60, as one of their regular job. Ms. Zhang said they had a while ago because there is no pick a good 60 and one day, they do not want their hard set up shop because the food problem, affect the taste, so that diners disappointed.

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