Xinhua logistics daily express Tongyuan chairman Shen flash back or disk access

May 10, 2010, Xinhua logistics and the James brothers signed a restructuring of the formal establishment of the daily express, the Daily Express Co., hainan. After only two years and 2 months, the new Xinhua logistics suddenly announced the end of the failed marriage".

yesterday (July 16th), Xinhua logistics Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the grand China logistics) told the "daily economic news" reply, because the daily express to join the business model and development system operating conditions did not reach the grand China logistics restructuring day express has been expected, will the Daily Express equity transfer to the original shareholders, the specific details are still under negotiation.

according to a courier industry sources, Xinhua logistics accounted for 60% of the shares or by the former chairman of STO Xi Chunyang disk. Yesterday, reporters call the daily express, stakeholders also revealed there are new shareholders soon settled, it is currently in the Department function adjustment, while large shareholders will take over may be Xi Chunyang and his team.

big Xinhua logistics let go every day

"the Xinhua logistics complete withdrawal of HNA express every day, mainly including the grand China logistics is facing huge short-term debt pressure, in order to make the whole group smoothly through this difficult period, Xinhua logistics can only rely on the sale of the day," zhuangshiduanwan ‘day delivery to obtain short-term liquidity, the investment adviser senior researcher Gao Boxuan to accept the "daily economic news" interview that, "in addition, HNA express every day business there is a big problem, Xinhua Daily Express Logistics to disk access, the network has exceeded the size of rhyme and tact. Now, "one of four" fame, sprint listing, the daily express is in the same place."

grand China logistics related sources, the transfer of shares to the original shareholders of the daily express, the daily express mainly because these two years of poor management, business scale, and doesn’t join the management mode existing problems. The source said that after the transfer, Xinhua logistics will further explore how to carry out the new characteristics of HNA logistics strategy.

grand China logistics made it clear that the transfer of all the shares back to the James brothers, the scope for subsequent disk access is not taken into account. According to the courier industry, a source said, the big new logistics so that the return of equity is likely to be received by the former chairman of STO Xi Chunyang disk.

Daily Express official told reporters yesterday, the new big shareholder is likely to be rumors of Xi Chunyang, but the company is also working on functional departments step adjustment, but the exact message is still in the recently announced prevail.

"China logistics all exit, there are new shareholders into the" daily express to join the Department staff said, "regardless of the shareholders to determine whether or not, we are still such operations, the franchisee has little effect."

domestic express industry faces reshuffle

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