Proprietary B2C can not replace Taobao

nearly two years, the rapid development of the electricity supplier market, especially the development of electricity providers B2C mode more quickly. B2C is currently the main electricity supplier has three modes, one is the largest electricity supplier Tmall mall platform model, the second is self + platform mode to the Jingdong as the representative of the third mall, is the solid line store model self + platform + represented by, the three B2C business competitive advantage. Now a lot of people think that led by Jingdong B2C will replace Taobao (including Tmall), but from the market situation, Taobao still can not be replaced.

Taobao millions of sellers of goods

Taobao (Tmall) has 6 million sellers, the number of online goods, the number of registered users, 6000 users per day, the number of packages generated from Taobao and Tmall each day more than 8 million on. In 2011 the annual turnover has been 800 billion, 2012 in the first quarter of Tmall in the B2C market share reached 37.38%, Taobao’s business is clothing accessories, food and health care products, cosmetics, medicines, daily necessities, household appliances 3C Home Furnishing building materials, audio books, covering all current in the online sales of goods.

Taobao electricity supplier ecosystem has been basically completed, with such energy Taobao (Tmall) can not be replaced by self B2C. The number of self B2C category of goods in any case cannot be compared with Taobao, there are many people living around Taobao sellers, proprietary B2C staff how many people? Taobao related interests firmly around Taobao, Taobao is not only a small sellers development, has become the preferred platform for many small and medium-sized business cooperation.

Taobao platform more flexible commodity

Taobao is too large, so there is no problem with such a huge Taobao is not possible, although the problem of large and small Taobao endless, but it does not restrict the overall development of Taobao. Taobao today to the extent of the development of flexible Taobao sellers can not afford. What is popular on the network, what will be sold on Taobao, the annual Spring Festival Gala costumes, magic props and other goods will appear in the shortest possible time in the Taobao platform.

Taobao has a lot of sellers have their own factories, or have a close cooperation with the factory, these Taobao businesses always pay attention to the hot spots, businesses will react quickly according to the network hot spots. It is precisely because of these businesses keen to grasp the hot spots, as well as the rapid response makes Taobao full of vitality. The reaction of self B2C is relatively slow a lot.

Taobao has occupied the minds of consumers


seller flexibility makes the entire Taobao full of "active", rather than self B2C rigid, the flexibility of Taobao makes many consumers love have nothing to Taobao around, Taobao has occupied a large number of consumers in mind. From the recent Chinese tongue on the tongue and the European Cup will be able to see the status of Taobao in the minds of consumers.


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