Praise back now, or suspected illegal Guangdong Council issued advice to Taobao

Guangdong provincial council in August 25 to inform the media, according to a recent consumer complaints reflect part of the Taobao and Tmall business, online shopping platform to attract consumers, increase sales, using the "polite" praise "praise back now" and other improper means of operation, buyers make comments on "induced businesses or commodities". The provincial council in the process of goods and services to carry out social supervision, consumer rights work, also found that Taobao and Tmall platform, part of the business of the existence of the above.

in this regard, the Provincial Council convened the complaints department, legal department, Ministry of consumer guide professional research agreed that the behavior of Taobao and Tmall online shopping platform is part of the business has violated China’s relevant laws and regulations, in violation of the integrity of the market even bargain, is.

violates the consumer right to know should be corrected or punished

"consumer protection law," article eighth provides that consumers enjoy the right to know the purchase, use of goods or services to accept the true situation. The evaluation system is an important channel for to provide consumers about the Taobao business product or service information, directly related to the quality of service and reputation of Taobao business, or even directly affect consumers’ purchase decisions, so consumption evaluation accurately is an important guarantee for the exercise of the right to know of other consumers." The Provincial Council responsible person said, Taobao, Tmall and other online shopping platform is part of the business praise and courteous praise back now and other business practices, seriously mislead consumers further, making it difficult to obtain objective accurate product information, in violation of the "consumer protection law", violated the consumer’s right to know, should be corrected or punished according to law.

at the same time, according to the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" the network transaction management approach "and other relevant provisions of the Taobao part of the business management behavior does not belong to fictitious transactions and delete unfavorable evaluation form, but objectively produced as to enhance their own business purpose, essence and form the nature of fictitious transactions and delete negative evaluations all the same, damage the legitimate rights and interests of other network operators, disrupting the online trading of unfair competition in the market order, which belongs to the acts of unfair competition, also violated the principle of honesty, the market even bargain, detrimental to the construction of social honesty.

recommends the use of large data monitoring to combat improper business practices

therefore, provincial council issued a letter of admonition in 25, the Alibaba to strengthen supervision, strengthen education, resolutely correct the improper behavior of businesses; strengthen and improve the construction of credit evaluation system, to create a fair competition, integrity management network transaction order, provide safe and secure online shopping environment for consumers.

, Taobao and Tmall Council recommends that the notice posted on the website home page and seller center prominently informed some businesses to adopt improper management practices, "informed praise courteous praise back now" behavior such as adverse effects, a clear management platform to punish such behavior attitude, stance, exhorted the illegal businesses as soon as possible to correct the improper management consciousness the behavior, but also to remind consumers to objectively.

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