Fu Sheng the nternet is good to stand on the shoulders of the students to stand down and beyond

started in 360 Fu Sheng, in the absence of any resources to make up the 360 security guards. After leaving in 360, came to Lei Jun, let Fu Sheng become Jinshan network CEO, finally listed in the u.s.. I dark horse can not help but ask, Fu Sheng, it is a standing on the shoulders of giants? Or the giants behind the pillar of



a month after the company listed, Fu Sheng has a red Tesla car.

the CEO of listed companies is the first car ride from Beijing East sanhuan to Sihui, and invited all employees and the way to test drive a new car to write "ten operations to teach you better experience the Tesla". Of course, before doing these things, Fu Shengxian micro-blog thanks to a little lei. Because the car is Lei Jun gift.


Fu Sheng, Lei Jun is very important in the occupation career, he has multiple identities of friends and mentors, shareholders and idol. Fortunately, such a person Fu Sheng also has several.

partners founding managing partner Zhang Ying Sheng when life tide gave him a job in Fu, in his choice of business gave him the first money; Ma Huateng took the attitude of a half believe and half doubt Jinshan shareholders, has since been the strongest ally and Fu Sheng before listing for their endorsement; but his old boss Zhou Hongyi, gave him to become a good product manager of the starting point and end point, then as Fu Sheng’s biggest rival in life, always in an exaggerated way of forcing his stride.

Fu Sheng has proven to be a successful entrepreneur, he led a home in the Internet era already tends to be down company Kingsoft network (later renamed cheetah mobile) fully mobile Internet transformation, under heavy containment 360, with three and a half years is almost from scratch to create a $3 billion the listed company.

but today, Fu Sheng, his image is still difficult to locate. Who is Fu Sheng? The outside world will often define Fu Sheng is Zhou Hongyi’s biggest enemy, or is the best student Lei – he thanks to this, also dragged down by. Those who are also teachers, friends and enemies have played an important role in Fu Sheng’s life. They have been encouraging, guiding and containing him from the front or from the opposite side. Fu Sheng himself admitted that he used to look up to others over the years, has been affected, always learning, never dare to slack off.

Fu Sheng has succeeded, but he has not really liberated himself.

from build to destroy

Fu Shenghe Zhou Hongyi scores across almost the entire history of the development of the Internet Chinese, also greatly changed the course of history.

Fu Sheng joined the 3721 company founded by Zhou Hongyi in 2003. Prior to the work he did not do a good job, the performance of the boss was linked to the wall of the company, and he is often ranked in the last few, which makes Fu Sheng think "blow"

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