Sources said Phoenix or abandon micro-blog business development team has disbanded

February 22nd news, according to sources, the Phoenix micro-blog development team has been disbanded, the development team members have been transferred to other posts. The person further said, because micro-blog since its inception has not much improvement, which is the main cause for the reorientation of the micro-blog team.

TechWeb the first time contact Phoenix vice president Wu Huapeng, he denied the matter. Wu Huapeng said the Phoenix micro-blog development team has not disbanded, just received a new task, the team still have to ensure the maintenance and upgrade of micro-blog Phoenix, "products and operations team did not change, micro-blog will by operating their own ideas".

, according to sources close to Phoenix, due to the Phoenix micro-blog started late, in the portal micro-blog has been in a weak position, the operation has been unsatisfactory. It is reported that the Phoenix network has been more than once to give up on the operation of micro-blog to discuss, part of the Phoenix network managers believe that the current Phoenix micro-blog operating ideas are not clear enough.

analysts believe that micro-blog micro-blog Phoenix in the portal areas is no longer competitive advantage, now make the micro-blog team adjust Shishuwunai to reduce operating costs is now priority, or will completely abandon micro-blog.

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