Pornography is still in our grass root men are also affected by the thunder clouds

with us for fun "grass root" man was all the shelves under the tank, I heartache ah! Well, despite the pain do not say first, look at what is the analysis of the reasons of industry? The industry called the shelf reason: or due to the Japanese AV actress on the shelf, to the AV actress, more netizens guess is because pornography net net action continues.


video "grass root men" entrance is still

unfortunately after opening can not see the

previously, there is news that due to pornography, micro-blog is part of the Japanese AV actress who has disappeared, some netizens shouted, Cang teacher hold on! "Anti pornography net net 2014 ·" this action seems particularly strict, now including 91 Panda Reader network, amidst the red novel network etc. literary sites banned or closed; video website or by the effect of Nora transformation was forced to issue a message, is considered a Indoorsman artifact called it, was stripped of the coat Indoorsman artifact "gorgeous".

today: @ computer world official micro-blog this morning claimed that after Nora, Baidu video, Baidu SkyDrive after the fall, yesterday also followed the fall sowing thunder cloud thunder members night returned to liberation. Now thunder forum chaos, users have purchased a membership for a refund…". Before returning to the liberation of the night, we can see the thunder cloud broadcast down the thunder members of the blow is how big.

fast down, then the thunder clouds, two watching films artifact are down, Indoorsman are the more sad? Put aside the thunder member refund request do not say. As a result, the thunder of the listing plan will bring a big blow, the listing plan is facing a loss of rhythm. Thunder again injured. Although seemingly strong thunder seems passes.but announcement:

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