DedeCms multi language enterprise website system beta release

after a few days. Membership online, give comments and suggestions of many small and medium enterprises Jianzhan special edition, the official dedecms thanked everyone to participate in the official online activities.


program has been repaired several errors, the official decided to carry out a wide range of beta of the new version, this public test hope to hear more friends. Site specific version of the sound of small and medium sized enterprises.

hope that our small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of participating in the program can be more and more perfect, and can become a real source of information for small and medium enterprises. At the same time, we hope that more people can join us. Technology alliance to let more people together to create a win-win situation with you.

program name: DedeCMS SME edition

internal development code: DedeENT

version number: 1.0

release: beta release

test object: all members of


program profile:


program is to modify the beta version:

1, corrected known Bug;

2, allows the installation of the template, navigation module;

3, modify the administrator account for super administrator, general publisher of two kinds of ordinary publisher account login will not see the professional operation of the project, more concise, suitable for non-technical personnel to operate.

DedeCms, a multi language Enterprise Website Version (DedeEnt), is simplified on the basis of DedeCmsV5.3, and optimized version for multi language enterprise needs, so it is the basic DedeCms and the use of V5.3 method, compared with the ordinary version of the V5.3 DedeCms, it has the following characteristics:

1, support the front desk at the same time the use of a variety of languages (including member centers and related dynamic procedures).

2, according to the characteristics of enterprises, the member center has been adjusted to retain only the user information management, short message (online service), collection, browse the membership licensing content (my documents) several functions in the premise of ensuring power can be used, also to ensure the safety of the system.

3, the support of the module, the model includes: the article model, product display model, recruitment module, links, voting, comments, recommendations, online feedback, counters, etc..

two, due to the need to use multiple languages, because the system will use the UTF-8 encoding, in the template, and the ordinary version also has certain difference, multi language enterprise website version default template folder for the default/en, if the user does not set the default language template folder, call the language pack to deal with some different language description. If the user specifies the other language templates can be more free to.

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