WWW World Wide Web 25 happy birthday

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on August 24th news, according to foreign media reports, imperceptibly, the world wide web (World Wide Web) has celebrated his 25 birthday, it was born in Switzerland is located in the European nucleon Center (CERN), and now has become the world center of connection.


in fact, the Internet and the World Wide Web two concepts are slightly different, the former was born in 1969, which represents the network between the nodes carrying information. And what we call the world wide web is the space covered by the network, which stores information such as web pages, documents and so on. To make an image of the world wide web is a neuron, the Internet is a synapse (brain cell connections).

1980, the father of the web Tim · Berners · Li (Tim Berners-Lee) at CERN to create a personal database, where he played with hypertext, will connect existing web pages. Over the next ten years, he continued to promote the development of the technology, and ultimately the Internet and hypertext in the integration of the concept of the two together.

1990, he successfully launched the hypertext transfer protocol (that is, we often refer to the HTTP), hypertext markup language (HTML) and uniform resource identifier (URL). At the same time, the first web browser, server and web pages were born together.

August 6, 1991, the world’s first web page was born, when it was just the inner core of the European nuclear network, the web page is a brief introduction of the world wide web in the past life.

in August 23rd of the same year, the World Wide Web officially opened. And two years later in April, the European Nuclear Center announced the world wide web of the underlying code to open source. "If I was clutching the patent is not put, there is no web development." Berners · Li said.

According to

, the World Wide Web now has 1 billion 70 million sites and 4 billion 730 million Web pages. The first site is about a cat’s GIF animation. (compile / Lv Jiahui)

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