Life is not easy every day nearly ten thousand Taobao shop closed down

Business Daily News (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) young Taobao sellers karoshi karoshi reflects the hardships of online entrepreneurs. Daily economic news reporter learned yesterday, Taobao daily outage or the number of sellers closed nearly ten thousand, operating pressure mainly from customer complaints and platform violation penalties.

, according to a report released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, said the existing professional sellers Taobao about 6000000, newly registered nearly 10000 per day, the number of outages or close the seller daily nearly ten thousand. Shop operators are the main pressure of customer complaints and Taobao punishment.

, a woman who once worked in the women’s clothing and accessories business Miss Liu told reporters that she worked part-time at the University and students to open a shop, but only a year to give up on. "One day to have more than 15 hours in front of the computer; every two weeks to go to the warehouse warehouse pick goods, purchase; weekend to take pictures, do map; usually need to site maintenance, delivery, after-sales service, etc.. Stay up almost every week 1-2 days." Liu Xiaojie said that even so hard, monthly sales are not high. According to her, because there is no shop promotion, the average monthly water only 3000 yuan -4000 yuan, only a few hundred dollars profit. The last is really too hard to think what the clearance, close the shop."

Chinese e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform monitoring data show: the electronic commerce platform last year received a total of nearly 100 thousand complaints from users, including online shopping accounted for 52% of the proportion of sellers become the most consumer complaints object.

in the industry view, in addition to the quality of goods and services caused by the normal complaints, malicious complaints and poor evaluation also accounted for a small proportion. Because the user evaluation directly affect the online credit rating, the seller attaches great importance to the evaluation. Therefore, it brought some "occupation bad teacher" specifically for small and medium-sized sellers to blackmail and impose exactions on itself is highly competitive, the deterioration of the operating environment." Insiders said.

in addition, in order to regulate the transaction, Taobao set a detailed rules for buyers and sellers. Some sellers said that in their view, the rule of consumer protection is greater than the protection of the seller, a careless may lead to decline in store reputation. Changes in the rules also often let the seller unprepared. Last year, Tmall’s sudden price increases, but also allow businesses sense of security dropped.

China e-commerce research center analyst thinks, shop operators one needs to integrity management, strict trading rules, on the other hand also need to participate in the occupation manager training, professional management. "The price war will inevitably lead to the survival of the fittest, accelerate the industry reshuffle, while improving the access threshold of the industry, a large number of lack of financial strength of small and medium-sized B2C electricity supplier was eliminated, and spread to the Taobao shop, the price advantage is gradually reduced, the survival of the shop space but also shrinking." Analyst Yao Jianfang said.

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