Are you ready for April Fool’s Day

met April Fool’s day this great festival, more should be used to make good use of it, get some funny tricks playing harmless friends, one is happy, two is to bring your own unexpected harvest. Give a few examples to illustrate.

The most famous

, a network of "false" website, the "bottle is frightful to the ear cat", the content of this site in teach how to put the kitten into the bottle, as the appreciation for pot.


website is not only a wide spread, and even domestic and foreign media reports, finally even alerted the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) carries on the investigation to the website, found that this is just a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students joke works.

two, another is also caused by the domestic and foreign media coverage of the funny website, is to email style popular "Taliban dating site", the content is a feature of the Afghan women friends website atlas, published a resume and photos of 10 women, all with her veil, completely disappeared the features, at first glance like a "sell nets" website.


original author said that the masked woman to complete the portrait of the fake Web page, the main purpose is to satirize the Taliban regime that does not respect women.

three, want to have a man? "The man meat" website will dissect men’s body meat, and tell you how to cook the meat material, taste the man’s flesh has many sweet."

originally thought that this site is just meat delicacy recipe website, under scrutiny, found that all of these is to teach people how to cook the meat man ", and the electronic commerce website also offers gift boxes, beverage, meat collocation cooking appliances sold. Of course, these are deceptive!

four, appeared on the Internet "first pregnant man", but also by telling pregnant

a bit of the result?


this site is a detailed account of a man Mr. Lee during pregnancy, but also ultrasound, personal mood interviews and other content, quite realistic. In fact, this is just a work of art workers to simulate the situation of male pregnancy, although not true, but also allow men to think, and to understand the hardship of female pregnancy.

          through the examples above we can see that the website, as long as there are good ideas and practical, make patterns and ideas, will make your site receives unexpected promotion effect, network owners want to see this article friends can put their own website make a point of the pattern, and wish all the webmaster friends a lot of money can flow.

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