Grass roots nternet industry with Chinese characteristics

The main significance of this article is

according to my experience in the field of Internet Chinese at the grassroots, to talk about how to get out of them can be relatively easy to make money. Of course, this does not mean that you will be able to earn money, but increased at least you earn money as possible, this paper mainly for the novice about some of their own experiences, is likely to be. In short is to take out a little experience to communicate with you.

SEO+ no junk content website advertising popups and or + crazy horse

I first talk about junk SEO+ without content website + crazy advertising and pop. I think the first is because yesterday I find online starring Takeshi "blood and bone" this film BT seed, because it is good to see this movie earlier, my girlfriend said good, want to pull her together, ready to download and then search the seeds, domestic famous BT seed the collection station is not found, we thought that using search engines to find, I in the ferry, the search results are the bones were introduced to the junk SEO website, the majority is not the actual content, we believe that the Internet, do stand have experience, who knows the download station, and easy to be Irvine, a thankless task, so we have to engage in acquisition, engage in content, of course, make hotlinking to users, you can give him a stolen link, that is good, at least he can download content, not Baipao A trip. But this is China characteristics? Of course not, after the Chinese characteristic is you in the search for keywords ferry over the first page of a whole page "extension" ferry links across the numerous hills and streams came to a site, after the closing of three windows, in the crevice of thousands of brightly coloured advertisement to see download link, excitedly download, after a click to find themselves cheated on the installation of a rogue plug-ins! This is the root of the Internet as everyone knows.

I would like to clarify here, first of all, I do not feel that there is a moral problem to do this, because they have to do so. In the industry chain, as a grassroots position of small owners, especially small owners, their mission, social division of labor "in" the Internet is the task of collecting those 00 pieces of traffic, and then to pop, click fraud, low price for the sale of the "upstream" medium and large web site. These large and medium-sized website with all the traffic such as e-commerce behavior, flow to the end user conversion behavior, etc. These have a greater profit space, and it is also the current situation of our Chinese and the world of the Internet, this is a complete clear food chain.

in China, this is all the more obvious. Why? Because there are some ingrained, deep-seated reasons it is difficult to change the result, as a grassroots webmaster, in the industrial chain, the food chain in the low layer grassroots webmaster is difficult to have a relatively transparent rise space, it is very difficult for you to start empty-handed, a station from small to large, get special note that, if not impossible, just say it is difficult to stand in, "

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