Ji Shisan what exactly do readme in a nutshell net

editor’s note: nutshell network is active in the scientific information industry in recent years, both the media and the community property company. According to public information, July 2010, nutshell media loved the letter to get $1 million Angel round of capital financing; November 14, 2010 shell network officially launched; the spring of 2011, shell media also received a A round of $3 million investment Zhi capital letters, and get a B round of financing in early 2013. Next? If you want to continue financing or development, the shell will tell the story of what? This is the latest Ji thirteen shell network CEO in a nutshell Q in a reader asked and answered several nutshell will play next. He also authorized the publication, hoping to be more extensive exchanges.

Ji thirteen

recently, shell network media brand theme station facelift for the new brand "science", someone asked a question: "shell network" theme station "revision" science "is what will change the content and resources? Shell network going to


wrote the article below to respond to this problem, and also a long time outside of the shell model some problems.

do not know when, the Internet industry is very fond of the first heart of the word.

"science communication" is the beginning of our team.

in 2004, I published the first work in Newton’s world of science, in this field, a full ten years. Shell network editor thumb Ji, science editor from the commentary authors switch, there are ten years; COO Yao Di, graduated from the Department of chemistry of the Internet, six years ago to get to know my contribution…… Four years, all walks of life backgrounds for this ideal come in a throng. Those who have been with us for many years, users, is also recognized as the rationale.

for the user, the scientific dissemination of this matter, what is the essence of


my answer is: to bring advanced life to some people.

whether it is a rational choice of cosmetics, or to find their own fitness, take the time to practice brushing teeth, through the most popular online learning resources to enhance their own…… You are in a more advanced way of life, change yourself. As an entrepreneur and science communicator, my challenge is how to find a development model, while maintaining the initial heart.

, shell network to through extensive scientific discussion, build a community. Soon faced with the problem: to choose to become an increasingly large, more and more complex communities of users, and then ten times what, how to implement

?The history of the

, spared, high quality content of community began to run once the pursuit of realization of traffic and content, getting away from the original tonality. Nutshell has a strong temperament like this community, will face greater impact. We are really willing to do an unorganized website? Try to try to change the way of thinking for a long time. Our answer is no longer simply by speeding up the expansion of the user

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