Visible future buy +LBS+ open platform

one day, your life will be like this:

at noon, you want to eat, took out a mobile phone, the system will automatically locate your position, and then displayed nearest to you within 500 meters, what are the hotel do promotions; then you choose one of them to the hotel, eat a meal, you took out the "XX card", with this card the hotel, hit 40 percent off to you, and you score a website.

Of course,

, mobile phone can also be online map; scenes can you travel to the field, or in a place about the partner; 500 meters or 1000 meters; the hotel can substitute for coffee shop, gym, KTV…… In fact, it can be a NIKE store.

in my opinion, the future is likely to lead to a bigger company than Taobao. Everyone is a buyer, he does not even need to have online banking, and every entity shop, are sellers.


the future, its components, in my opinion, there are 3 points:

1, LBS (Location Based Service location services);

explain the group purchase website is fire, but there are a lot of group purchase activities is very attractive, not many people attended, the main reason may be the geographical restrictions, after all, who do not want to eat a meal, and if it is run 100 km away from their hotel very close to discount, even if the discount is not. We also must be willing to participate; therefore, LBS is very important;

extended here to say a few words: group purchase colleagues are thinking, in the beginning, our team had considered doing group purchase navigation, we say, if you do, you must do a distinctive innovation value, one of which is the map service, the group purchase information on a map, let users can find the nearest one, of course, later because of the limited energy (as has been done with buy nets, do not group purchase group purchase network navigation, because the beginning did not think so much, will the network group purchase group purchase) did not do the navigation, but after a few months, found that many have the navigation group purchase service, is actually very good; the like some group purchase website, some of the East West, some several areas, I have seen the most exaggerated (in fact, I think the most should be) is from the housing group purchase, He is small, such as small, garden homes, modern city; of course, from the very ideal points so much, but the strength is limited, and not really to do it.

2, event, here to understand promotions, discounts and other activities;

in group purchase before, in fact the public comments like the site, included a lot of information, although there are a lot of people, but its market value has not been reflected the most, there is no commercial good embodiment for promotional activities such as guide businesses; said the public comment after the opening of group purchase,. >

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