That is equal to the free consumption rebate site of illegal fund-raising 420 million

Shen and other 4 people to create a shopping rebate site, with high return now as bait, illegal absorbing public deposits amounted to 4.2 million yuan. In July 24th, Suzhou City Court on the case of illegal deposits from the public verdict: defendant Shen was sentenced to 6 years and fined 300 thousand yuan; the remaining 3 per capita was sentenced to 5 years 6 months and fined 250 thousand yuan.

– Daily reporter correspondent Zou Qiang Ma Li

create a rebate website advocate " consumer = free "

2011, Shen, Rao, Zheng, Zhang four agreed to set up a shopping rebate site. Their idea of a very good mode of operation: in various provinces to recruit agents, agents in their respective jurisdictions to develop businesses to become a franchisee to attract consumers to become members of the site. Where a member of the franchisee in consumption, the amount of consumption of the franchisee to pay a certain proportion of the site as a site for the advertising promotion fee, website promotion expenses of members took part in the rebate, until the return amount of consumption full membership.

in October 20, 2011, the network company was established, four people each accounted for 25% of the shares, and served as the legal representative and general manager of the company, technical director, chief financial officer and marketing director. In December 1st of that year, the company’s shopping rebate website officially launched.

they printed a large number of leaflets, name card, membership card, through the website announcement, distributing promotional materials and other means to play " = = " consumption saving, free; " total purchase of 200 can participate in each of the 200 as a rebate, rebate right, the highest return, " multi 200" buy back, ", " rebate; as long as the members of increasing consumption continue to produce, the company turnover rising, eventually all rebates can achieve " the slogan of wide publicity to the community, and throughout the development of agents, franchisees and members.

daily interest rate 0.14% to attract investment of

members of 40 thousand

in order to maintain the continued operation of the company, they play " rebate right " concept.

members on the site of consumption, businesses will be paid according to the amount of the order amount of consumption of 10% to the company designated third party payment platform, every consumption of 200 yuan to get a rebate right " ", and is determined by the company and each corresponding to the amount of the rebate right back at the same time, members, agents, franchisees according to a certain proportion of the amount of consumption of the payment of commission members. In February 18, 2012, the company will rule on every day for the rebate rebate right back now 0.28 yuan, equivalent to the daily rate of 0.14%, while the dealer rebate of 1.5% in the territory of the amount of consumption, the franchisee for 0.4% members in the amount of consumption.

implementation of this model, attracting the national 2>

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